About Us
Strangelings is created by Flying Monkey Interactive, a company with the goal of bringing their unique genetic-based gameplay to the mobile and social platforms in the form of Strangelings and Toto, the unique virtual platform designed to develop and deploy genetic based games. Toto provides all the mechanics to breed, transfer, buy and render an animal across multiple outputs. Building this platform allows FMI to rapidly release new games as well as allow third parties to interact with the platform in various ways. For more information about FMI, visit our website – http://www.flyingmonkeyinteractive.com
The world of Strangelings is an immersion in fantasy and magic. Players befriend and raise creatures called Strangelings. Each Strangeling has its own genetic code, determining its look and the look of its offspring--color, pattern, and traits. A Strangeling can have blue stripes and wings and claws, or golden spots and spines and hooves and horns, or any one of millions of other combinations. Players breed their pets, slowly discovering their hidden traits, creating the look they want, and encountering rare special animals along the way.

An auction house site, with live auctions run by player auctioneers, is open to all players; they can sell their Strangelings at auction, or bid on other players' Strangelings to add new traits to their own collections, or attend an auction just to see what others have created. Auction proceeds can be cashed out to real-world money, too!

Many questions about gameplay are answered on our wiki here

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